Acton History: Chapter 1
The Acton Women's Club hosted a historical tour of Acton highlighting many of our historical sites. Acton's old red brick school house was said to be the "finest school house outside of Los Angeles. The two room structure was of hand made bricks." The first residence, a two story house, facing Cory Street, was built in 1895 for the Nickel family. The Acton Cemetery, ten acres of rolling hills covered with native growth of juniper, sage, buckwheat and wild flowers was a gift from the Duehren Family in 1890. Acton's Presbyterian Community Church was dedicated on June 8, 1924. Meetings, dinners and programs were held for two years to fund the church. Also featured is the renovating of the ol' Stagecoach Stop on Crown Valley Road and Acton Community Club which was first built in 1955. #2400 $20

ACTON HISTORY, CHAPTER 2: The Acton Women's Club hosted it's second historical tour of Acton. Featured on this driving tour was: The Acton Community Club and Arena, Fox Feed, Blum Ranch, and Ravenna (formerly Soledad City) overlook. The last stop was once a dairy and alfalfa ranch
which is now Thousand Trails. Here the tour ended with an old fashioned
picnic. #2405 $20
July 4th 2002- Acton
The Acton Lions Club and Acton/Agua Dulce News sponsored a glorious event when the United States Air Force Band of the Golden West came and presented their free concert "An American Salute". The concert held at the High Desert Jr. High featured a backdrop of a 12'x 12' flag to set the patriotic mood for the evening. Flyover of a F1 6 and T38 after the National Anthem was played, began the evening concert featuring popular songs for everyone to enjoy. #2401 $20

July 4th, 2003 - Acton
The Acton Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Acton 4th of July Parade. Parade theme "Mines to Manes" featured horses/mules who worked in mines to prancing horses knowing the beat to the music. 98 entries included bands, marching dancers, car clubs, businesses and families who look forward each year to the 1/2 2 hour parade. After the parade, everyone drifts to the Acton Community Club for food booths, games, live music and awards. The National Anthem was sung by resident Sheriff, Erich Doepking. #2402 $20

July 4th 2004-Acton
JULY 4th, 2004: The Acton Chamber of Commerce organized another memorable Parade this year on Saturday, July 3rd, instead of Sunday, July 4th. Local floats and out-of-towners enjoyed a real traditional 4th of July Parade. History Alive! Item #2406. $20.


Acton to Acton
Acton's Historian, Meryl G. Adams, packed her bags and went for a 3 week visit to Acton, England in 1952.
While in England, she presented movies and gave speeches to Rotary Club and Acton Angelo American Association as Ambassador of Goodwill for Antelope Valley. Footage from that trip depicts the sisterhood of the two towns. Also highlighted is Acton 1952 footage of Blum Ranch, Columbo Lilac Ranch, Scanlon Ranch, Acton Community Presbyterian Church, building of Acton Community Club, Acton Post Office and Acton Grocery. Early views of Acton are breathtaking and show the wild flowers of spring. #2404 $20

Presented by the Natural History Club of Acton/Agua Dulce. Hosted by owners, Ray and Elizabeth Billet, they gave an in-depth tour of their peach and pear orchards and of their 100+year old home which was homesteaded by Elizabeth's great-grandfather. The Blum family, known for over a century in the area was featured through photo albums and old phonographic music. We saw how they dug the canals and underwater dams bringing water to their trees. We see them picking their peach crop and preparing it for market, meeting friends who drive across country to purchase their sweet peaches. #2403 $20

Golden Age of Sign Language Series

Lou Fant was truly one of a kind. He was one of the best known and highly respected of all ASL teachers and interpreters.

Well known as one of the founders of the National Theater for the Deaf, actor Lou Fant helped to found that organization in 1967, gaining praise and attention for their sign language performance of Lewis Carroll 's Jabberwocky.

Born in Greenville, SC, to deaf parents, Fant gained a unique perspective and insight into deaf acting while serving as the "voice" for deaf actors while at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Soon focusing his efforts on the organization of the National Theater for the Deaf, Fant later moved to Southern California to pursue acting, appearing in such features as The Pom Pom Girls (1976) and Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977).

Fant also made frequent guest appearances on such popular television shows as Kojack, Little House on the Prairie, and Cheers. As a signing instructor in film, Fant coached such actors as Diane Keaton and Henry Winkler in addition to serving as sign language coach for Children of a Lesser God (1986). He also authored such text books as Ameslan, Sign Language and Intermediate Sign Language. Also available on DVD.

On June 11, 2001, Lou Fant died of complications of pulmonary fibrosis in Seattle, WA. He was 69. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide


Noah's Ark- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant

Remember the story of Noah's Ark? The building of the ark and the people laughing at Noah? Collecting two of every animal? The rain? The Dove? The olive branch? The dry land. Oh my! How beautiful watching this story in American Sign Language. 20 Minutes, sound, color, voice/sign narration, and in the DVD format. #2055 $49


David and Goliath- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant

Goliath was so big, powerful and seemingly almighty. David was a young shepherd boy with a will. a faith, and a sling shot. Here is a lesson of the ages. If God is with you, who can be against you? Such a hopeful program for the deaf. 20 minutes, sound, color, voice/sign narration, and in the DVD format. #2056 $49


Moses- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant

So many people know very little about Moses today. Young people did not hear these stories in public school. Stop and think a minute. Do you remember how Moses was born? How he grew up with the King of Egypt? Do you recall how God helped him lead the Jewish people out of Egypt? If he could accomplish such marvelous things with God's help, do you think you could too? 45 minutes, sound, color, voice/sign narration, and in the DVD format. #2050 $49


Abraham and Isaac- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant

God made a contract with Abraham. We can make a contract with God ourselves. God never let Abraham down and He won't let us down. The deaf might want to know more about this. See this presentation sometime soon because everyone needs a personal contract with God. 20 minutes, sound, color, voice/sign narration, and in the DVD format. #2051 $49


Joseph Part 1- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant

Joseph, his father's favorite, was sold into slavery by his own brothers. He became a servant in the King's court. He never gave up. Neither should any person who has a handicap. That idea could help many people if only they could see this presentation. 30 minutes, sound, color, voice/sign narration, and in DVD format. #2053 $49


Joseph Part 2- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant

Joseph rose from a servant boy to governor over the whole land of Egypt. Impossible some night say. But with God nothing is impossible. Not even for Joseph to be the high governor of Egypt. And Joseph forgave his brothers for selling him into slavery. He saved them from starvation. Everyone needs Gods help. With it they can do great things. 30 minutes, sound, color, voice/sign narration, and in DVD format. #2054 $49



Call to Greatness- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant

George Washington's life story told in Sign Language by Louie J. Fant, Jr. This inspirational, bio-documentary commemorated the Bicentennial of America in 1976 and recall's Mr. Washington's early life as a farmer's son through his retirement and eventual death at Mount Vernon. Filmed on location in Virginia, Washington D.C., Concord, Lexington, and Valley Forge. This is a great history lesson. A true life biography recommended for ages 12 through adult. 45 minutes, sound, color, voice/sign narration, and in DVD format. #2060 $49

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

No signer in America could bring Thomas Jefferson to the screen the way Lou Fant does. This show captures Jefferson's brilliance. Lou visits Jefferson's home at Montecello, the University of Virginia which Jefferson founded, the Library of Congress where thousands of Jefferson's books were housed. Fant explains many of Jefferson's inventions and relates the writing of the Declaration of Independence in great detail. This true life adventure fascinates ages 12 thru adult.
#2061 $49


The Christmas Story- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant
Featuring: The incomparable Louie J. Fant Jr. and Paco Joyce as "small boy"

Once every year people of goodwill pause to remember that first Christmas in Bethlehem. Now this 2000 year old story springs back to life on the hands of a master communicator and story teller in the Golden Age of Sign Language series of famous signers.

Son of deaf parents, author, teacher, star of many Hollywood movies, "Lou" Fant forms forgotten images in ASL (american sign language) as no other signer in modern times could. Every idea so clear! Feelings! Emotions! Suspense! Drama! Lou's brilliant signing style fuels every imagination, young or old. Even people who don't know ASL can enjoy this unparalleled artistic presentation of the finest in deaf culture.
Set in a modern, holiday living room, Lou shares with his son the story of Jesus' birth. Together they set up a miniature manager scene around their family christmas tree like so many families do every year. A warm, glowing fire flickers across Lou Fant's craggy, animated face while he hands down a birthright tradition to his son, the way Lou's own deaf father handed down this priceless, judeo-christian story to him.

A warm, loving presentation for all ages, children through adult, that can be replayed every year at Christmas time to rekindle the spirit of the season.

Perfect gift for a family or interpreter. Artistic gift for people just learning about sign language.

Deaf culture masterpiece for any library.
Approx. running time is 30 minutes, color, sound, with Fant's own voice-over english narration.

DVD-R format for computer or DVD player hooked to home TV. #2052 $49
May be purchased online at: www.signlanguagestore.com


Jabberwocky- From Alice in Wonderland, Signed in ASL

A young reader becomes engrossed in a story about Alice in Wonderland and his mind wonders. He dreams. Behold we are now in a fantasyland where people and animals are all dancing and signing. Costumed characters relate the story of the Jabberwock to the delight of all. 10 minutes, color, voice/ sign narration, and in DVD format. #2072 $35

Goldilocks and the Three Bears- Signed in ASL

Children love this story in English or in Sign Language. Lou Fant does a superb job of acting out and signing this priceless presentation. 12 minutes, color, voice/ sign narration, and in DVD format. #2070 $49


Eletelephony- Signed by Lou Fant

Extremely clever, witty use of signs and mime to relate the bubbly story of a poor elephant trying to use a telephone. 3 minutes, sound, color, voice/sign narration and in DVD format. #2073 $35


Supergrandpa- Signed in ASL by Lou Fant and Howard Busby

When one of Sweden's elderly bicyclists cannot enter the national bicycle race because the authorities think he is too old, he rides his bicycle twice as far as the other younger riders and still wins the race one full day ahead of the other riders. 16 minutes, color, voice/sign narration, and in DVD format. #2071 $35


National R.I.D. Interpreter Training. Each presentation is approximately approx 30 min. in length, silent and in color. The purpose of these programs is to give signers and new interpreters practice reading deaf people sign. The variety and range of signing really is outstanding. The results will challenge even the best interpreter. These shows are perfect for people preparing for certification because they give a person the chance to reverse interpret in response and repeat each presentation again and again until the meaning becomes evident. While the signs are clear, each person has his or her own style and that is a challenge!

Telephoning by TTY, Train Ride to Grandfather's, Troubles Going to Las Vegas, Hazing at Gallaudit, Escape from Cuba. DVD-R #2084 $35


Kids and Matches, Auto Mechanics, Legend of Old Bill, My Life. DVD-R #2085 $35


My Motor's Missing, Home, Little Dutch Boy, Let's Teach Songs, Mother's Bumblebees, The Speech
Audicator, The True Art of Making Lasagna, Archery, Deaf Organizations. DVD-R #2086 $35



Signed narration and voice narration. This special show documents the record breaking 109 medals won by the USA team in 1981 and captures the true life achievement of sport's pioneer, Art Kruger. This is a unique moment in deaf culture. For persons just learning Sign Language and especially for Sign Language interpreters, this show gives them the chance to see Sign Language in everyday use. Here is the way deaf people communicate, in ASL, in Signed English, in foreign sign languages. Some are very oral, other signers communicate beautifully. All signs come across naturally, not staged, contrived or practiced.

David Supalla and Brian Rasmus document the Fourteenth World Games for the Deaf in Cologne, West Germany. Never before have a deaf director and a deaf narrator had the opportunity to show the world what international deaf athletes are all about. Their interviews with game officials are spontaneous and revealing. They communicate with the athletes as equals in practice sessions at North Carolina School for the Deaf then travel with the athletes to report the tension and suspense of the World Class Competition. For hearing audiences the hour-long presentation provides a unique glimpse into the silent culture of the international population. It is an unprecedented and rare opportunity not seen before. #2090 $49


The poems that you will experience, share the life of two wonderful worlds of discourse. They reflect the rich legacy of the English of Wales, a region endowed with music and legend to match its mineral wealth. They document and illustrate the quickening influence of American Sign Language with a poetic temperament. Each show is 10 minutes in length, sound, color, sign/voice narration.

"Suit the action to the word, the word to the action," Hamlet says in Act II. By action, he means gesture what the hand does while the mouth moves. The rest of the body follows the hand like the troop after the commander once the will has shown the way. This is wholeness of expression, and it is harmony. The ancient Greeks would have called it the discipline of delivery. They were much concerned that live words altered their result.

The Gesture, Cloud Magic, Seasons ) #2083 $49


The Cat, The S-K-U-N-K, Our Dumb Friends, Elephants Dancing, waiting #2082 $49


Invocation, Defiance, Hang Glider #2081 $49


Total Communication, Deaf Child, California Freeways, Language for the Eye #2080 $49


"Book and Movies all in One!"
Brand New! Makes learning Signs much easier.
Sign Language for Everyone is an interactive DVD for computer or DVD player.
A single click plays the sign in live action. Another click uses it in a sentence. Live drawings with a brief description tell how each sign originated. For all ages - Very easy to use and learn how to make over 400 most-used signs.
Item #1004 $42

Macworld 2004 - San Francisco, CA

Advanced Computer Technology in Sign Language Current products from THE PRINT SHOP, SASSAFRAS SOFTWARE, CANON, ADOBE, BROTHER, INTUIT, FREEVERSE, APPLE.
Visit each booth just like you were there to discover all the new computers and programs that they run.
#3000 $42.

Quicktime for
PC and MAC
No Charge
Ameslan - An Introduction to American Sign Language
by Louie J Fant, Jr.

Lou Fant, hearing son of deaf parents, offers a delightful way to begin the study of American Sign Language, 4th-most-used-language in the USA. He puts just the right amount of humor, songs, stories and deaf heritage into this DVD.
Teaches a person how to sign the way deaf people do. Begins with basic conversational signs like "good morning", "how are you?". Very widely used for one semester courses.

Sound * Color * DVD-R format * 14 Chapters
Lou Fant narrates each sign as a personal tutor

#4601 $77
100 Medical Survival Signs

This CD contains PDF files and a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader(good for both PC and Mac). With a printer you can print copies of Medical Survival Signs in single sheet mode. Designed for many years of use and as many copies as you need


115 Emergency Survival Signs

This CD contains PDF files and a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader(good for both PC and Mac). With a printer you can print copies of Emergency Survival Signs in single sheet mode. Designed for many years of use and as many copies as you need.


Quicktime for
PC and MAC
No Charge

Here's a low cost way to circulate american sign language to the class and around school.

This CD for PC or Mac prints out as many copies of 116 school survival signs as you need on single sheets of regular, yellow paper (8.5x11). Folds to pocket-size.
Includes signs for numbers, colors, alphabet and most-used signs at school.

For use by: teachers, students, administrators, emergency response, law enforcement, firemen, nurses, parents, neighbors, volunteers and friends.

#4701 $19.95

122 Work Survival Signs

This CD contains PDF files and a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader(good for both PC and Mac). With a printer you can print copies of Work Survival Signs in single sheet mode. Designed for many years of use and as many copies as you need.




Quicktime for
PC and MAC
No Charge

DVD Available Now
ASL AIRPLANES - ASL true life documentary series
45 minutes - DVD-R - Sound - Color

Principal photography for a 45 minute, sign language, true life documentary about top secret airplanes at United States Air Force test center in the Mojave Desert finished on 10/23/05.

SECRET SIGNS IN FLIGHT, shot entirely in ASL, features USAF airplanes in flight and close-up ground explanations.Hearing impaired technicians, maintain these state-of-the-art airplanes.

F-117 Stealth Fighter, F-22 (not yet operational), F-16, B-2 stealth bomber, B-52 bomber, OSPREY vertical take off airplane plus many remote controlled aircraft hint at what cannot be told about classified airplane design at Edwards Air Force Base.Public release: February 1, 2006

#4592 $37

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